Investments, Simplified


Your goals and your current situation will help determine where you put your money…there are many choices out there, and we want you to choose to Get Simplified.

Investment decisions can be very complicated and confusing. There are so many products to consider. TFSA’s, Non-Registered, Registered, GIC’s, RRSP’s, savings plans, RESP’s, Annuities, Income funds, equities, bonds, Segregated Funds, portfolios, more risk, less risk, short term, long term, rates of return, MER’s, tax deferred, tax implications, capital gains, capital losses, pensions, guaranteed income for life, LIRA’s, LIF’s, RIF’s, vested versus non-vested…is your head spinning yet?

It’s your money. You work hard for it. We want to help you keep it, grow it, have access to it, protect it, insure it, benefit for life from it, give it away, pass it on…or whatever your goals are for what you want to do with your money…today and tomorrow. And…we want to help you be informed so you can make an educated decision based on what is best for you and your family.

Money is not just about accumulating. It really determines what you do, buy, and the extent you use it to maintain a standard of living and to experience life itself. Some want to sock it away under their mattress while others let it ride on the stock market. Most people are somewhere in between. We can accommodate almost any investor.

In order for us to work with you to make recommendations specific to your situation and your needs, we want to know about how you save, invest, make decisions, spend, and what your plans are…so we will get to know your story and your goals and dreams by asking you questions.

We understand that money can be a sensitive topic for many people, so we will be respectful in asking you questions about your situation, and make recommendations that fit for you. Then we will continue to monitor where you are at and check in with you to make sure it still fits. You can call us anytime if you have any questions. We encourage you to call us when there are any changes in your life: marriage, expecting, addition to your family, new home, new job, change in income, travel plans, health concerns, absence from work…even if you need resources to cope or help someone you love deal with a change in their life.

Examples of questions we may ask…

What are your goals? Immediate, short-term, long-term, legacy, charitable, education, vacation, future generations, estate, standard of living, income needs, retirement, reliable vehicle, debt free, mortgage free, health peace of mind, long term care etc.

When did you want to retire? How much money will you need in retirement?

We can also help you answer some of your questions:

  • How much do I need to save now in order to successfully retire by the time I am age 55, 60, 65, 70?
  • Are there better products than others that help me get there faster?
  • What are my options?
  • What resources are available to help me decide?
  • Where can I find information on government programs, individual funds, TFSA’s, RRSP’s, RESP’s, and other acronyms?
  • Do all or any of these affect me?

Maybe you already know what you want…and we can help sophisticated investors as well. Whatever stage you are at…brand new to saving and investing, you have had some experience, or if you are a seasoned investor extraordinaire…we are only a phone call or an e-mail away.

Contact us today to show you how we can help you by getting simplified. Simplifying does not necessarily mean compromising the sophistication of the investment or limiting you to the types of products that you can access. It is about helping you make an educated and informed decision. We believe that Simplified is Better.