Potential Financial Advice Gap – “A Risk to British Colombians”

Canadians’ Value Financial Advice – Government looks to ban embedded commissions. Financial Advisors support families through major life decision with one goal in mind to improve the lives of the families they serve. Increase the household financial assets, solutions to manage your retirement goals, health risks, and insurance needs. Don’t let government take away your ability to choose! Banning embedded commissions will significantly diminish YOUR access to financial advice!

What’s at Stake:

  1. Majority of British Columbia consumers will lose the right to choose how they pay for advice.
  2. The cost of advice will rise as competition falls
  3. A major financial advice gap will occur
  4. Middle class consumers with less than $100,000 in financial assets will be hurt the most
  5. Households that receive Financial Advice are four times more likely to see growth in their financial assets over time of households that did not receive advise.
  6. Over 80% of all households have less than $100,000 of financial assets, excluding the value of their home. Small business financial advisors enhance household access and choice in financial services and offer their clients a comprehensive range of advice and services that can be individually tailored to the client’s objectives and particular life-based needs.
  7. We certainly do NOT want to have to rely on Big Banks for our financial advice!