Suzanne Kania – Simplified Financial

Simplified Financial – Making the complex simple

Our name is our mission – to simplify the complex financial decisions people in British Columbia and Alberta – people like you – face by providing clear information and easily understandable options to meet your financial needs.

We genuinely care. Our passion to educate people so they can make informed decisions to best protect the financial interests of themselves and their families in all circumstances, but more especially in the event of unforeseen calamities.

Running a full-service insurance brokerage that offers life, critical illness and disability insurance options, as well as investments and employee group benefits is our way of helping people, and every effort is made to personally connect with each and every client.

Personally, my passion for helping others through tough times comes from having experienced the loss of my life/business partner. Having experienced the strength that comes from letting go of fear, trusting my own inner wisdom, and knowing where to go and who to ask for business and personal guidance has been integral to making good decisions since that fateful time.
Now, it’s my goal to be there for others, and to make a difference – one heart at a time.

My team and I want to help simplify the complex financial decisions that so many individuals, families, and business owners face every day. We do this with compassionate, caring, strong, kind and generous hearts. 

Our message is to inspire courage with a cause – to reaffirm the purpose behind what we do in this industry, and to inspire commitment to quality in our service.

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What they say……..

“I have had the great pleasure of witnessing Suzanne’s passion and the incredible insights only she can provide, during several presentations to existing, and prospective clients and their employees. It is very evident when she is speaking that she has great empathy and a real understanding of their needs.”
Brenda Craig
Regional Vice President, BC
GroupHEALTH Global Partners

“I had the good fortune of meeting Suzanne some four years ago…in that time I have watched her blossom and grow into a mature woman determined, to make a difference in her business life and personal life…she has a voice and through her commitment, passion and caring…she is positively changing the lives of those around her.”
Phil Davis
Business Coach